June 6, 2011 - by centremagazine.com

New Floor Protection Solutions from Stanley

Stanley introduces a complete line of floor protection products that not only reduces noise and dust but also saves money associated with floor maintenance in homes, schools and offices buildings.


The new line features high-density plastic furniture glides, sliders, leg tips, bumpers, casters and a wide array of new Flexi-Felt wool felt protectors. These Flexi-Felt pads are much less prone to accumulate dust and dirt. Stanley Flexi-Felt heavy-duty adhesive pads are made of 100 per cent pure wool industrial felt so they last longer and won’t compress like polyester felt products.


Stanley’s New Floor Protection program also includes a new line of Flexi-Felt Clear Products. Flexi-Felt Clear uses 100 per cent pure wool industrial felt to protect floors and feature a transparent sleeve that guards furniture from dings, scratches and vacuuming damage almost invisibly. The transparent flexible sleeve of Flexi-Felt Clear is durable and abrasion resistant and adheres to furniture without using damaging screws or adhesives. Flexi-Felt Clear features a friction-fit sleeve that fits many sizes and shapes of furniture legs and eliminates the annoying problem of felt pads peeling off furniture legs. Flexi-Felt Clear is easy to install and washable.


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